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The Delores Transitional Homes Project

Helping Homeless Women and Children Regain Their Independence

Transitional Housing for Homeless Women

Training & Assistance

Life Skills & Leadership Training

What is the Delores Homes Project?

Delores Homes is a non-profit transitional housing organization, whose program criteria is to assist homeless women and women with children.


Our organization’s guidelines focuses on homeless women who have suffered hardships due to divorce, domestic abuse, economic downturn or have lost their main source of income and need assistance to get back on their feet.


Delores Home vision is to commit its organization to, improving program participant living conditions, with temporary housing and workshops that will produce fundamental skills for basic living.


Our aim is to supply resources from on-site and off-site services such as life coaching, leadership workshops and job training courses to empower these women to become productive individuals.


THE problem

Women with children represent the largest subgroup of homeless families. It is estimated that they are as much as half of the homeless population in the United States.


The fastest growing section of the homeless population are made-up of female – headed households. Approximately 70% to 85% of homeless families are believed to be headed by women.


However, it is our belief, that we can provide the right tools of prevention and assistance in this market. Providing transitional housing as a diversion to the homeless system, will reduce the number of homeless women with children.


why more transitional housing is needed

The need for more transitional housing for women with children is clearly supported by this ongoing list of issues:

And, with the creation of more organizations, like The Delores Homes Project the needs of homeless women and women with children will be readily met.

mission statement

The mission of Delores Home is to offer a stable and safe environment that will assist homeless women in, recovering from the anxieties of life, by returning them to self-sufficiency.


It is our goal to provide housing, create resources for gainful employment, and to formulate educational workshops for career enrichment.


In doing so, we will be satisfying a need to this targeted market, that is long overdue.  Hence, our organization will be prepared to commit itself to putting forth all effort to serve them to best of our ability. While being referred by local hospitals, the police, and homeless shelter as a temporary housing facility.


what we offer

Our list of workshops are as follows:

Job Search Assistance

Just as today’s businesses offer a range of product lines that are unique to a single organization, so are the products that our organization offers, for improving the quality of life.

Parenting Skills Training

Access to Free Medical and Community Resources

Life Skills and Development Guidance

Academic Opportunities at Area Colleges

Leadership Development Training

Childcare Resources

Preparation for Permanent Housing


Delores Homes non-for-profit transitional housing organization is targeting 3 specific locations. Each structure is a single family home located in the Chatham community, of the Greater Chicago area.


We chose these facility structures and their location as a mean for a smooth transition to self-sufficiency, upon the completion of the program. Each facility will house five homeless women and their children.


about the founder

Delores Atterberry is the president and founder of the non-profit organization. She is a graduate of University of Phoenix with a Bachelor degree in the Science of Business Management. Delores, created the transitional housing program in June of 2012.


Her concerns for this cause is due to, that she can relate to some of the difficulties that these women have suffered, by testifying to the many hardships that she have been confronted with such as, being a divorcee and a single mother of two, the loss of her job, and the foreclosure of her home.


 There is no doubt, that Delores has faced many difficulties, however the point is that, she never gave up; in fact she continues to endure still this day. Holding fasts to her belief that, every woman who goes through the pressures of life, can get through these anxieties, as long as they have the desire to overcome the drawbacks and work at returning to self-sufficiency.



about the board of directors

Our board members are selected based on professional experience working with the homeless, or understanding issues that is faced by the homeless women population. Along with others who are involved in community development, will also be requested to serve on the board of directors.

Delores Atterberry



more info

John Lawrence



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Allen Williamson

(Financial Secretary)


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In conclusion, homeless women with children need a facility that is more than merely a one-night lodging or an emergency shelters. These women are in need of organizations that will serve their every need, with services that will provide them with temporary housing, which will progress to permanent housing.


An agency that includes services like job training and counseling to improve their skills to live as productive citizens in the community. Although there are such program that exist, however, they are limited.  Our organization proposes to cover all these necessities, to help these women to get back on their feet and return them to self-sufficiency


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